How to inherit gitlab variables accross projects?

daiyi0857 注册会员
2023-01-25 11:56

With the include keyword the included files are merged with the .gitlab-ci.yml and then your .gitlab-ci.yml is executed in the repo where the pipeline is triggered. Therefore, only gobal variables in this repo or inherited variables from any parent groups are known. That's why TEST_VAR is not substituted with the value from the secret as the variable is defined in another repository.

duomeiti051 注册会员
2023-01-25 11:56

According to the doc, the syntax you used require you provide the whole path for your project (all the part after gitlab.com/group/project).

Assuming your project path is gitlab.com/group/my_project, then you choose one of the following

  - project: 'group/my_project'
    ref: master
      - 'templates/commons.yml'
# or simply, if 'templates' folder lives in the same project as your gitlab-ci.yml file
  - '/templates/commons.yml'

  stage: test
    - echo $TEST_VAR

I personally used both ways in my work, but the doc shows other ways to implement this that you can have a look at.

e35218022 注册会员
2023-01-25 11:56

The problem you have is that include: only brings in the contents on the YAML file, not the project level settings or variables.

As possible alternatives, you can:

  • Set the variable in the template directly (not recommended for sensitive values)
  • Set variables set on your own self-hosted runners (note variables cannot be masked this way)
  • Set instance CI/CD variables
  • Set a required CI configuration to forcibly include a template to all projects (that template can include variables you need) (note variables cannot be masked this way)
  • Set group CI/CD variables (where all your projects live under the common group)
  • Retrieve your secrets using the vault integration or as part of your job script

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