Can someone explain to me the principle of calculating PI in this way and the three for statements

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2023-01-25 20:02

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This code is used to calculate PI. PI is an irrational number that can be approximated by an algorithm. This is a method called Mobius series.

The first for statement is to initialize the array f such that f[b] = a/5(where b is the loop variable and a is 10000).

The second for statement is the main loop, with c decreasing from 10000 to 5000. In each loop, by calculating the values of d and e, output the value of e+d/a and assign the value of e to d mod a.

The third for statement evaluates the values of d, f[b], and g in the second for statement. B from c, d + = f [b] a, [b] = d mod - g, f/d = g -, - b, d = b.

The output of this program is the approximate value of PI.

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