IDEA how to global search.class file string ha, or what software can ha

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2023-01-25 22:08

If it works, use it. You can use IDEA's Find in Path feature to find strings in.class files, or you can use the grep command line tool to search for strings in.class files.
Specific operation

To use the IDEA Find in Path function, you need to open IDEA and select Edit -> on the toolbar; Find -> Find in Path, then select the file type and related options to search for. Using the grep command line tool, you can enter the command, for example, grep -r pattern filename.class, to search for lines in the specified file(filename.class) that contain a specific string(pattern).

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2023-01-25 22:08

Use jadx software to decomstack the.class file into a java file, then use idea to open the java file, global search line

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