change plist dic/string via osx-terminal

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2023-01-26 02:43

You can do it with in 3 steps

  1. Convert to human-readable form:
plutil -convert json -r ~/Library/Preferences/com.Adobe.Common\ 15.0.plist -o ~/my.plist.json
  1. Edit in a text editor.

  2. Convert back to binary plist:

plutil -convert binary1 ~/my.plist.json -o ~/Library/Preferences/com.Adobe.Common\ 15.0.plist

Or, you can try as described here: https://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/282732/how-do-i-replace-a-value-in-an-plist-array-using-plutil

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2023-01-26 02:43

Using defaults you can change or set your keys this way

defaults write ~/Library/Preferences/com.Adobe.Common\ 15.0.plist "Media Cache" -dict DatabasePath "/Users/path/somewhere/one" FolderPath "/Users/path/somewhere/two"

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