How is user login authentication done? What are the authentication methods?

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The so-called login authentication, is to verify the user login account password is correct, after the user login, each visit to the page data to carry the login information, Login authentication is to verify whether the information carried is legitimate.
OAuth authentication
OAuth authentication is more common is wechat login, Weibo denlog, qq login, etc., in short, the use of these more authoritative website or application open API to achieve user login, Instead of registering an account on your website or app, users can directly log in with their existing wechat, Weibo, qq and other accounts.
2)Cookie-Session authentication
The user enters the user name and password or uses the SMS verification code to log in to the system. After authentication, the server creates a Session information, saves the session ID to the cookie, and sends it back to the browser. The next time the client sends a request, it automatically carries cookie information. The server obtains Session information through cookie for authentication.
3) Token authentication of JWT
The previous methods all require the client and server to maintain a status information, such as exchanging cookie for session, or exchanging key for Redis value information. Jwt-based Token authentication schemes can eliminate this process.

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User login authentication is usually based on account(such as user name and password). You can also use a third-party platform account. Such as Google, GitHub, WeChat and other third-party accounts login. There are several development languages that provide support for these authentications, mainly PHP, Java, and Web security tools such as OWASP, OpenVPN, and Apache HTTP Server that can be used to implement secure user authentication. Specific practices depend on the development language or platform. For PHP and Java, there are the following: Use PHP's SESSION to handle the user's login status; Use Java J2EE framework to realize user login authentication; Use Web security tools such as OWASP, OpenVPN, and Apache HTTP Server to protect user login data.

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