Electronic password lock change password code has a problem, correct

crocodileone 注册会员
6 days ago

But when I press the key s15, if I type the old password lcd1602, it shows ok, if I type any other password, it shows err, It doesn't show yes. Doesn't this mean that I haven't jumped to the function xiugai, which is still running in the main function?

mwb_100 注册会员
6 days ago

The problem may be that the password is not updated after the password is changed. mima=Password can be placed at the end of xiugai() function and the display can be updated after returning the main function.

Also, in the main function, P2_0=1 when the password is entered incorrectly, which can cause problems in the program.

cxcmvpmtv 注册会员
6 days ago

If it is helpful to your problem, hope to adopt!

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