How to use the spectral curve measured by SVC HR-1024i ground object spectrometer(not extracted in the image), whether to calculate the vegetation index, and find out the detailed operation steps?

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2023-02-25 03:09

The spectral curve measured by SVC HR-1024i ground object spectrometer can be used to calculate various vegetation indices, such as NDVI, EVI, SAVI, etc. Here's how to do it:

Connect the SVC HR-1024i terrain spectrometer to the computer and open the spectrometer software.

Aim the spectrometer at the vegetation to be measured, press the measurement key on the spectrometer, and record the spectral curve data.

Import the spectral curve data into spectral analysis software, such as SpectraSuite or ENVI, etc.

Select the required vegetation index calculation formula in the spectral analysis software, input the spectral curve data and calculate.

Analyze the calculated results and compare the results of different vegetation indices to obtain the information of vegetation growth status and vegetation coverage.

It should be noted that different vegetation index calculation formulas may have different requirements, such as data preprocessing, data normalization, band selection, etc. For specific operation steps, refer to relevant literature or software instructions. In addition, it is also necessary to select appropriate vegetation index for calculation according to the actual situation. Different indices have different applicability to different vegetation types and application scenarios.

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