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Looks like your installation file is corrupted - uninstall Android Studio completely and download it again from the website.

Install the newly downloaded version of Android Studio on your system - the version you downloaded earlier may be corrupted.

Here are the instructions for completely uninstalling Android Studio. Please note that some files may be in different locations depending on where you choose to install and which version you have been using, so please let me know if something is not in its normal location.

Perform all of the following steps in sequence.

Run the uninstall program

The first step is to run the uninstall program. When you right-click the Start button, open it by accessing Control Panel from the menu(this works on Windows 8). Then, under Programs, select Uninstall Programs. After that, click Android Studio and press Uninstall. If you have multiple versions, uninstall them all at the same time.

After uninstalling Android Studio, it is recommended that you restart it before continuing with the following steps.

Delete Android Studio file

To delete any remaining parts of the Android Studio Settings file, type the following in Windows Explorer(file browser in Windows) as the file path:

C: Users[your WINDOWS user name]

replaces [your WINDOWS username] with the username of your account on Windows. If you don't know the user name, navigate to C: \Users, which will list all the users on the system.

Here, delete.android,.androidStudio and any versions of this directory, versions at the end,.gradle and.m2.

Then, go to

C: \Users[your WINDOWS username]\Roaming

and delete the JetBrains directory.

Finally, go to

C:\Program Files

and delete the Android directory.

Remove the development kit

To remove any remaining parts of the SDK, type the following in Windows Explorer as the file path:


Here, delete the Android directory.

(optional) Delete all previous items

If you want to delete any previous projects, the directory to find the project is the AndroidStudioProjects directory. It is located in your root user file, C: \Users[your WINDOWS user name].

Hopefully this will now delete the Android Studio files and you can now try to reinstall these tools.

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