python crawl video error

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2023-02-25 03:24

package from < a href =" https://blog.csdn.net/hihell "> dream eraser < / a > hurricane group based on GPT "Cheng Secret"

No window to create named root is found in the code, only boot, frame_1, frame_2, frame_3, etc., so when trying to call self.root.resizable(False, False) in loop() function, The Python interpreter raises AttributeError because self.root is undefined.

recommends reviewing the code to ensure that Windows are created and defined correctly. For example, when creating a boot window, you could add a line naming boot root:

self.root = boot

This allows you to access self.root in the loop() function instead of raising an AttributeError.

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2023-02-25 03:24
I don't know if your problem has been solved, if not:
< br / > if you have already solved the problem, very hope you can share your solution, write blogs, Put related links in the comments section to help more people ^-^

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