Assume that CQ[0..10] is a ring queue with the initial state of front=rear=0

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2023-02-25 12:22

..Part of the answer references GPT, GPT_Pro better solve the problem

Answer: Neither of these questions can join the queue, because the ring queue stores meaningful data, and what we have entered here is just some random text, which does not make any sense, so we cannot join the queue.

The characteristic of

circular queue is that its tail pointer, rear, always refers to the position next to the tail of the queue. When rear points to the last position, it indicates that the whole queue is full. At this time, front points to the head of the queue, while rear points to the position 0, so as to realize circular queue. Therefore, if we want to store data in a ring queue, we must write meaningful data to it. Literal writing is not allowed.
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