vb install ubuntu card to this step

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Improve VM configuration by using VMware Tool

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Part of this answer refers to GPT and GPT_Pro to better solve the problem.
If the mouse and keyboard don't respond much when installing the Ubuntu virtual machine, Try the following solutions:

1. Check whether the VM has been installed on the computer, and ensure that VmWare Tools has been installed. If VmWare Tools is not installed, install it by referring to VmWare installation documentation.

2. On the VM Settings page, set the cursor of the VM to System Default and restart the VM.

3. If the preceding two steps do not work, download the corresponding driver from the Ubuntu VM official website, install it on the VM, restart the VM, and then set the cursor to "System Default" to restart the VM.

4. If there is still no response, try to open the GUI by using the following command line when installing Ubuntu:


5. If the problem still persists, it is recommended to use another virtualization tool to install Ubuntu, such as VirtualBox.
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