A few days ago to install their own solid state hard drive, the computer shows the original c disk is broken, how to solve, urgent!

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2023-02-25 18:36

Part of this answer uses GPT, GPT_Pro to better solve the problem
First, you should check to see if the original C drive is really broken. This can be determined by checking the hard disk Settings in the BIOS Settings. If it is found that the C disk is not identified, it is certain that the C disk is broken.

If the C disk is broken, the first thing you need to consider is data backup. If the original C disk contains some important data, you can try to use the disk data recovery tool to try to recover part of the data. You can also try to connect the broken C disk to another computer and use the data recovery software to try to recover part of the data.

If you want to install the system using a newly installed SSD, consider downloading the Windows installation CD or USB boot disk, and then using the USB boot disk to install the system. Before installing the USB flash drive, set the boot priority of the USB flash drive to the highest in the BIOS, select the newly installed SSD on the installation screen, format it, and then install the Windows operating system.

If you want to keep the original system, you can use the "Repair Current Installation" feature in the Windows installation CD to repair the original Windows system. Before you can fix it, you need to format the newly installed SSD(select NTFS or FAT32 format), then fix it, and then restart the computer.

In short, if drive C is really broken, you can first try to use data recovery software to retrieve important data from drive C; If you want to reinstall the Windows system, you can use the USB boot disk or the Windows installation CD-ROM.
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