lanenet code reappears

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2023-02-25 19:12

This answer part references GPT, GPT_Pro to better solve the problem
If there is no output when repeating lanenet-lanedetection, It could be for a couple of reasons. First, you can check the input image to see if it is in the correct format, such as jpg or png, and to see if it is stored in the correct path.

Next, check the configuration and parameters of the network. Here, we need to check our lanenet-lanedetection configuration file, such as batch_size, training_steps, learning_rate and other parameters. You can adjust it according to your actual situation.

Again, you can check that the trained model files are loaded correctly. We can check the model_file parameter in our code to see if we loaded the trained model file correctly.

Finally, you can debug your code to see what's wrong with it. We can use the print statement to debug the code, printing important intermediate variables and parameter values to determine whether the code is executing properly.

In conclusion, if the problem of output results is encountered during the recurrence of lanenet-lanedetection, we can handle it through the above steps.
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