adc test of light sensor, the value remains unchanged, is the sensor broken

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2023-02-25 19:18

When the light sensor is exposed to different light intensity, it will generate different voltage signals. ADC(analog-to-digital converter) can convert this voltage signal to digital signal. Therefore, the output signal of the light sensor can be detected by ADC. If you are running an experiment and the ADC output remains the same, it may be because:

1. The sensor is incorrectly connected: Check whether the pin of the sensor is correctly connected to the single chip microcomputer or other devices.

2. Sensor damage: It may be caused by sensor damage. You can replace a new sensor for testing.

3. Program errors: Please check your program for errors, such as pin configuration, ADC initialization, sampling frequency Settings are correct.

4. The ambient light intensity is too strong or too weak: The illumination sensor can only work properly within a certain illumination range. If the ambient light intensity is too strong or too weak, the output may be unstable.

Therefore, you can first check that the connection is correct, then check that the program is wrong, and if that still doesn't fix the problem, you can try a new sensor to test.

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