Why do I write it like this? I can still type indefinitely

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2023-02-25 21:11

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EOF(End Of File) is a special character used in software programs, It marks the end of the file at the end. When we use scanf function, EOF can be used as the terminator of scanf function. So when the scanf function reads EOF, it stops reading and returns -1, indicating that the read is over.

If our program running in dev_C++ doesn't recognize EOF properly, it's possible that scanf isn't working properly because we're not using it properly. For example, when using the scanf function, we need to pass EOF as an argument, but if we forget to pass EOF, the scanf function won't recognize EOF and won't execute properly.

In addition, if our program running on oj can recognize EOF normally, it may be because the environment in which we run on oj is somewhat different. For example, an environment running on oj might provide more system resources, whereas an environment running on dev_C++ might not have as many system resources configured. As a result, programs running in dev_C++ may not recognize EOF properly.

In conclusion, if we want dev_C++ programs to recognize EOF properly, we need to pass EOF as an argument when using scanf to ensure that scanf functions work properly.
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2023-02-25 21:11

If it is Windows, you need to press CTRL+Z to complete the EOF input

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