Is C++ necessary to learn?

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1.C++ plays an important role in the field of computer engineering. It is a very powerful and powerful language that can be used to develop a variety of complex programs. Its syntax is also fairly concise, and it has many advanced features, such as templates, operator overloading, polymorphism, and so on, that allow programmers to develop high-quality programs more efficiently. In addition, C++ has the advantage of being a cross-platform language that can be used to develop desktop applications.

, mobile applications, and Web applications that run on a variety of different operating systems.

2.C++ is constantly evolving and new versions are being released. C++ has evolved very rapidly over the past few years, with new versions being introduced and new features being added. New versions of C++ support more features such as lambdas, template metaprogramming, memory manager

and so on, can make programmers more easily develop efficient programs.

3.C++ is still a useful language and still has many applications. Although other languages may be simpler to use than C++ in some ways, C++ can still be used to develop efficient programs that can run on different platforms. C++ can also be used to develop system-level programs, such as operating systems, drivers, graphics libraries, game engines
, etc., which are very complex and difficult to implement in other languages.

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It's just like point-and-shoot cameras and professional cameras. C++ is a professional camera and JAVA is a point-and-shoot camera. The lower the level, the more things need to learn

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