SAP750 cannot be installed after uninstallation

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2023-02-25 21:25

Part of this answer refers to GPT and GPT_Pro to better solve the problem.
When SAP750 installation encountered a black screen, it may be a problem with the software, or the hardware is not properly supported. In general, it can be solved by the following steps:

  1. First make sure the installer works, you can re-download the installer and then reinstall it;

  2. If the installer works, if it doesn't, try updating your computer's BIOS. If the latest version includes a driver for SAP750, it will fix the problem;

  3. If this does not work, try to reinstall the system and try to install SAP750 after the installation is complete;

  4. If you still can't fix the problem, try replacing your video card or upgrading your computer to a newer hardware configuration.

In summary, most of the problems with the black screen when installing SAP750 are caused by hardware and software problems. The above steps may help you solve this problem.
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