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Skywalking is an open source project under the Apache Software Foundation, It is a distributed application performance management and monitoring tool that helps you visualize and monitor your applications and services in real time. Skywalking runs in a variety of environments, including Windows, Linux, Mac, and supports languages such as Java, Go, Node.js, C#, and more.

To test with skywalking, you first need to find some project programs that you can test with. Skywalking officially provides a few sample applications you can use to test this out, which can be found on GitHub: < span > https://github.com/apache/skywalking-example < / span > < / a >.

For example, if you want to use the java language for testing, download the Skywalk-example-Java project from GitHub. The project consists of a typical Java Web application with multiple Jar packages and a Web application. This Web application has several servlets with complex call relationships that can be tracked and analyzed using skywalking.

In addition, the Skywalk-example-Java project also provides code examples to help you quickly understand how skywalking is used. For example: explicitly declaring the call relationship in your code; Use the skywalking API to create and manipulate tracing contexts; Use the skywalking SDK to collect performance data and upload it to the skywalking server.

Of course, you can use your own code for skywalking tests in addition to the sample projects provided by skywalking officials. For Java Web applications, simply introduce skywalking's maven dependency in the pom.xml file:


and configure the skywalking agent in the web.xml file to start the skywalking test.


With this configuration, you can use skywalking to analyze and monitor the performance of your own applications.
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