MATLAB extraction of chart ship flow information

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2023-02-25 22:25

Part of this answer references GPT, GPT_Pro to better solve the problem
To achieve a screenshot of the sea chart from the Internet, use the ginput function to extract the ship flow information, The first thing to be clear is that the ginput function is a MATLAB function used to get coordinates from the image. It can return the X and Y coordinates when the mouse clicks on the image.

First, the chart(picture) to be processed needs to be put into the MATLAB environment, using the imread function can read the picture. Then, use the imshow function to display the image read in:

I = imread('sea_map.jpg'); % 读入图片
imshow(I); % 显示图片

Next, the ginput function is used to extract the ship flow information as follows:

% 使用ginput函数提取船舶流量信息
[x,y] = ginput; % 利用鼠标点击取得相应的坐标信息

Through the above steps, the coordinate information of ship flow is obtained. The final step is to insert the coordinates into your own chart. To achieve this, we can use the plot function. It can connect points in a certain order to form a line.


plot(x,y); % 用plot函数将坐标信息连接起来,形成一条船舶流量线

The above steps can be used to insert the ship flow information from the screenshot of the Internet chart into your own chart.
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