Question about the MPC protocol.

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2023-02-25 22:28

Part of this answer references GPT, GPT_Pro for better problem solving
The MPC protocol is a distributed protocol for computing. It allows two or more participants to communicate and compute in a secure manner without having to share any data with any participant. The protocol is implemented based on key distribution, encryption network and privacy protection.

In this example, three students who want to prove that they can calculate the age of a second student can use the MPC protocol. First, you need to use a key distribution service to assign a different key to each student. Then, encrypted networks are used to transmit information between students; Finally, privacy protection mechanisms are used to ensure the security of the data, so that none of the three students can see either party's data, nor can they directly see the age of the second student.

In the MPC protocol, three students can achieve the purpose of proof by performing some calculations together. First, all three students had to work together to communicate their ages to all participants; Then, the distributed encryption strategy was adopted to encrypt the age data of all participants. Finally, a variety of decryption and obfuscation techniques were used to combine the data from the three students to produce the final result -- the age of the second student.

Thus, by using the MPC protocol, three students were able to demonstrate that they could calculate the age of the second student.
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the reference answer GPT ᴼ ᴾ ᴱ ᴺ ᴬ ᴵ < br / > the MPC(multi-party computation protocol) is a secure computation protocol, can be done in the case of not to reveal private data computing tasks. In general, the MPC protocol requires that all participants must abide by the protocol, otherwise the agreement will be broken.
In this problem, if the first and third student collude, they can calculate through the MPC protocol to determine the age of the second student. They can jointly provide some known information, such as the sex and name of the second student, and then use the MPC protocol to calculate the age. However, such conduct is unethical and also violates the provisions of the MPC agreement, as it requires all participants to abide by the rules of the agreement.