Why does the ue5 light not shine on the level

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2023-02-25 23:04

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UE5 is a very useful 3D engine, it can be used to make beautiful games, Lighting is an important part of UE5 level production. But sometimes, even after adding a little light and rebuilding the lighting, you still don't see what you want. Why?

First, in UE5, a point light source is a special light source that creates a spherical light effect, but it does not illuminate the level itself, it only serves as a guide and serves as a reference for other light sources. So, when using a point light source, you need to add another light source to keep the level lit.

In addition, there are many different types of light sources in UE5, such as balance light, spotlight, atmosphere light, color balance light, ambient light, etc. These light sources can all be used in the level, and are different functions. For example, balanced light can produce balanced overall light effect; Spotlights can create a focused light effect; Ambient light can create extra color and adjust the brightness of the entire scene. Therefore, when we want to enhance the lighting effect of the level, we should choose the appropriate light source and add it to the UE5 scene.

In addition, there are some unique features in UE5 that can help us achieve the desired effect. For example, high quality lighting can be achieved by adjusting Lightmass -- a built-in feature of UE5 that helps us optimize light and shadow in a scene. There's also the Post Process Volume feature, which allows us to make changes to the scene to enhance different features in the scene -- for example, to brighten or lighten the colors in the scene.

In summary, there are many factors that affect lighting in UE5 levels, as described below. In order to obtain the ideal effect, it is necessary to choose the appropriate light source and related functions to adjust according to the actual situation.
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