Wechat chat records backup some questions

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2023-02-25 23:06

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Yes, you can back up your chat chat to your computer and then restore it to the other person's phone. First, you need to download the wechat PC client on your computer, run it and log in to your wechat account. Then click "Tools" on the menu bar and select "Backup and Restore" to back up your chats to your computer.

Then, you can send the backup files to the other party, who can use wechat's recovery function to put the backup files in the wechat database. That way, your previous chat history will be restored to each other's phones.

Of course, if you want to backup and restore on your phone, that's fine. You can go to wechat on your phone, find 'Backup and Restore' in 'General,' and tap it to do so.

All in all, it is very easy and convenient to backup and restore wechat chat records, whether on a computer or on a mobile phone.
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Do you want to restore to her mobile phone through your chat history? The official wechat does not support this

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