C language linked list sort exchange data

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2023-02-25 23:11

Part of the answer references GPT, GPT_Pro better problem solving
C language list sort exchange data:
To sort char[20] and nt data in a linked list, we first need to define the structure:

  char[20] c;
  int n;

Then, we can use the bubble sort method to implement the exchange data sort, the specific code is as follows:

void sort(struct data *head) { struct data *p; struct data *q; for(p=head; p->next!=NULL; p=p->next) { for(q=head; q->next!=NULL; q=q->next) { if (q->n > q->next->n) { char temp_c[20]; int temp_n; strcpy(temp_c, q->c); temp_n = q->n; strcpy(q->c, q->next->c); q->n = q->next->n; strcpy(q->next->c, temp_c); q->next->n = temp_n; } } } }
Finally, we can sort the char[20] and nt data in the list by passing the sort function to the header node.
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