Does adams execute dcf, acf or xml files when emulating with cmd files?

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2023-02-25 23:18

the reference answer GPT ᴼ ᴾ ᴱ ᴺ ᴬ ᴵ < br / > in ADAMS, the DCF model is simulation control file, is used to control the whole simulation process, definition of simulation parameters, etc.; acf files are simulation analysis control files that define the parameters of the analysis task, such as solver options, output options, and so on. The xml file is the simulation result file, which is used to save the simulation result data.
When emulating using ADAMS, you typically create dcf and acf files first, and then perform the emulation. The simulation can be performed either directly in the ADAMS interface or using a command line window. If the command line interface(CLI) is used, you need to specify the path of the acf and adm files. The adm file contains the model information and is in the same directory as the model file(.adm or.asm).
Vehicle event simulation executes dcf file, while suspension simulation executes acf file. When emulation is performed, multiple result files are produced, including xml files. In vehicle simulation, xml file is used to save the data in the whole simulation process, such as vehicle motion state, driving force, braking force and other information. In suspension simulation, xml file is used to save information such as suspension state and road surface contact force at each time step. The data in the xml file can be used for computation and visualization during analysis and post-processing.

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2023-02-25 23:18

adams executes dcf, acf, or xml files when emulating with cmd files? Does adams execute dcf, acf, or xml files when emulating with cmd?

A: When emulating with cmd files in Adams, you can use dcf, acf, or xml files as input files, depending on your emulation setup and requirements. Generally speaking, the dcf file contains the definition and Settings of the entire simulation model, while the acf file contains the data of the simulation results, and the xml file is used to store the definition of the simulation results or events.

When the

cmd command is executed, only the acf file can be executed, and the adm file is also required. How to obtain the acf and adm files? At present, after manual operation, the result file will have adm and acf files. After manual simulation, there is no need to use cmd command.

A: The adm and acf files are required when the cmd command is used for emulation. The adm file is the Adams model file that contains the definition and setup of the entire simulation model. The acf file is the Adams result file that contains the data of the simulation results. These files can be generated manually or automatically through Adams software.

xml result file will be generated after vehicle simulation, but why is there no xml result file after suspension simulation? What is the purpose of this file?

A: Both vehicle simulation and suspension simulation can produce xml result files, depending on your simulation setup and requirements. The xml file can contain a variety of simulation results, such as position, speed, acceleration, force, etc., for the convenience of subsequent analysis and processing. If the xml result file is not generated in the suspension simulation, it may be because the xml result output option is not enabled in your simulation Settings.

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