Error Installing jupyter using the pip install command

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2023-02-26 14:04

The following answers are quoted from GPT-3 model, please use them wisely:

一、使用 pip 安装 jupyter

在 Windows 上,打开 Powershell, 在命令提示符中输入:

pip install jupyter

等待安装成功后,即可在 Windows 中使用 Jupyter Notebook。

二、安装 Anaconda

安装 Anaconda,它是一个 Python 的包管理和环境管理工具,可以十分方便的安装常用的 Python 包和管理不同版本的python。

可以轻松设置和切换 Python 版本,以及安装常用的 Python 包等。

这一步安装完成后,就可以使用 Jupyter Notebook 了。

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2023-02-26 14:04

Part of this answer references GPT, GPT_Pro for better solution.
Installing jupyter is mostly due to problems with system environment variables. Therefore, it is recommended that you first check that the system environment variables are configured correctly. In general, you can view the current system environment variables by opening the command line and typing the "set" command, or manually adding python's installation PATH if you haven't already added it to Path.

Also, consider python versions when installing jupyter using the pip install command. For example, do not use pip2.x to install jupyter if python3.x is currently used, as this will cause problems. Also, install the notebook package with the pip install notebook before installing jupyter.

Finally, jupyter also needs to install some separate plug-ins for proper use, such as the nb_conda_kernels plug-in: conda install nb_conda_kernels.

In summary, you should also pay attention to the above aspects when installing jupyter using the pip install command to avoid errors.
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2023-02-26 14:03

pip install jupyter
It is usually a network problem. Try to turn on the mobile phone and connect to the computer and then run the command to install

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