In Python, when multiple statements are written to a command line, they are separated by _______

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答案:C. ;

print("Hello World") ; print("This is a Python program")

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JavaScript is an object-oriented scripting language and a weakly typed, interpreted language. It supports object-oriented programming and can be used for client - side Web programming and server - side Web programming. JavaScript is a scripting language that runs on the browser. It can implement the interactive operation of page elements. It can be written directly in HTML or called in the form of external js files to achieve the operation of the page.

The core of

JavaScript is ECMAScript, a standardized scripting language developed by ECMA(European Computer Manufacturers Association). ECMAScript defines basic syntax elements such as keywords, variables, values, strings, arrays, functions, objects, and their operating mechanisms. ECMAScript is not only used for manipulating the DOM(document object model), but also for manipulating event processing, Ajax, JSON, and many other application scenarios.

JavaScript is also implemented by different implementers. For example, Google Chrome uses V8 to implement JavaScript, and Microsoft Internet Explorer uses JScript to implement JavaScript. These different implementers all use the ECMAScript standard to implement JavaScript, but there are some differences.

When writing multiple statements in Python, use a semicolon; Separate multiple statements, for example,

a = 1;
b = 2;
c = a + b;

In the above code, a=1; b=2; c=a+b; Three statements are separated by semicolons.
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