How does Java call a constructor with arguments

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2023-02-26 16:13

  • In Java, if a class defines a parameterized constructor, you can use that constructor to create an object and pass the constructor arguments to it.
  • However, in your code, it is incorrect to try to call the parameterized constructor as model2.Model("GG"," male ",22,20.0,70.0,50.0). This is because the constructor is not a normal method and cannot be called directly. Instead, when you create an object, Java automatically calls the appropriate constructor to initialize the object.
  • Therefore, to call a constructor with arguments, you need to use the new operator to create the object and pass the arguments to the constructor. For example, the first-floor method creates a Model object with the new operator and passes the parameters "GG", "male", 22, 20.0, 70.0, and 50.0 to the object's parametered constructor. In this way, Java automatically calls the constructor to initialize the object and then assigns it to the model2 variable.

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2023-02-26 16:13

The following answers are quoted from GPT-3 model, please use them wisely:

无参构造方法Model(),你的代码是在调用无参构造方法new Model()之后,又去调用Model("GG","男",22,20.0,70.0,50.0)这个方法,但是这并不是一个构造方法,而只是一个普通的带参数的方法,所以无法完成构造实例对象。

Model model2 = new Model("GG","男",22,20.0,70.0,50.0);

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2023-02-26 16:13

The java constructor is used to construct this object. The constructor cannot be called through the instantiated object.

Model model = new Model("GG","男",22,20.0,70.0,50.0); 

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