Bought a c8t6 minimal dev board, a dht11 chip, an OLED screen, an active buzzer, two photosensitive diodes, what else to buy, mainly don't know if there is anything on the dev board

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2023-02-26 16:21

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Before you are ready to start this development project, you need to prepare some things in advance in addition to the materials you bought. First, you need to have a computer, because you need to write programs and burn code on the computer. Second, you'll need to download development software for STM32. The popular ones are Keil uVision and IAR for ARM, both of which are paid, though Keil uVision comes with a 30-day trial period and IAR for ARM comes with a free 8K version. Third, you will also need a STLink/V2 writer, which helps you to write written programs to the STM32 development board.

In addition, you need some electronic components to implement your idea. First, there are the components that control the power supply, which help you safely deliver it to the part you want; Secondly, some communication interfaces, such as USB, SPI, I2C, UART, etc., can help you communicate with external devices; Finally, there are some control circuits, such as amplifiers, amplifiers, filters, amplifiers, etc., which can help you achieve specific functions according to your needs.

To sum up, before you are ready to start this development project, you will need a computer, STM32 development software and STLink/V2 writer burner, as well as some components for controlling the power supply, communication interface and control circuit.
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