What's wrong with pointing out, breaking down

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2023-02-26 17:14

Part of the answer refers to GPT, GPT_Pro better solution
What is the problem with the code in the c language? What was the specific error message, or did the program crash?

If the program crashes, it may be because the code itself has some logical problems, may be array out of bounds, wild pointer, memory leak, null pointer and other reasons lead to the program crash.

If some error messages are reported, we can judge the cause of the program crash through these error messages. For example, errors arising from "segmentation fault" may result in memory access transgression. An error like "stack overflow" may have occurred when there were too many levels of function calls, or an error like "dangling pointer" may have occurred when there was a wild pointer.

So, to locate a problem in c, first determine what is causing the program to crash, and then locate the specific code location. In general, you can use debugging tools to locate problems in your code. The debugging tool allows you to see what line the current code is running on, what the current variable value is, and directly what the value of each variable in the stack frame is. This information can help us locate the specific code location and find the corresponding problem.
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