Question on #ar# : Log level for info shows these, not loaded to port number(language-Java)

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2023-02-26 19:16

The answer part references GPT, GPT_Pro better solve the problem
First, we need to make sure that the log file has any information about the port number. If so, Try to find the port number information from the log file and then debug it.

Second, you need to check that the web_starter dependency is correct and that the jar package version in the dependency is correct.

Finally, you can also try using a tool such as "Java Mission Control" to monitor your application for memory leaks, deadlocks, excessive thread stack depth, and so on.

// 尝试从日志文件中获取端口号
String port = Log();
if (port != null) {
    // 进行调试

// 检查web_starter依赖

// 使用工具监测应用的运行情况

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