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2023-02-26 19:31

This answer partially references GPT, GPT_Pro to solve the problem better.
This problem may be caused by metacat not loading properly. Try the following methods:

First, you can check that metacat's configuration file is correct and that metacat's jar package has been loaded successfully. In general, adding the metacat jar package to the project and configuring the metacat configuration file correctly before starting the project is all that is required. Also check that the metacat database has the correct tables and data.

Second, if metacat's configuration file and database are correct, try using RESTful apis to call metacat's services. Normally, use the GET method to call the getcatalognames service, adding the required parameters to the request body.

GET /mds/v1/catalog?catalogName=your_catalog_name

Finally, if the above methods do not work, you can use the debug method to locate the problem. You can use log4j to output the information and then analyze the problem based on the log.

To solve this problem, first check that metacat's configuration file and database are correct; Second, try to use RESTful apis to call metacat services; Finally, if the fault fails, you can try the debug mode to locate the problem.
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