Status of a process in Linux

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2023-02-26 19:34

1. Non-interruptible: The process is asleep, but the process is not interruptible. Non-interruptible: The process does not respond to asynchronous signals.
2. Pause/Trace state: Send a SIGSTOP signal to the process and it will enter the TASK_STOPPED state in response to the signal; While a process is being traced, it is at a special state called TASK_TRACED.
"Being tracked" means that the process is paused, waiting for the process that is tracking it to operate on it.

3. Ready state: The state in the run_queue

4, Running state: in the run_queue state
5, interruptible sleep: The process in this state is suspended because it is waiting for something to happen, such as waiting for socket connection, waiting for semaphore
6, zombie state: zombie: The task_struct of the child process is also released if the parent does not pass the wait system call
. The exit status
D is not interruptible. Uninterruptibleusually IO
R is running, Or the process in the queue
S is dormant
T is stopped or traced
Z zombie process
W entered memory swap invalid from kernel 2.6
X dead process

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This answer is quoted from ChatGPT

The states of processes in Linux are running(R), sleeping(S), stopped(T), zombie(Z), stopped(T), and zombie(Z) states. In the information displayed by ps, R, S, T and Z symbols are used respectively.