How to use PIL library to get a mask diagram from a damage diagram

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2023-02-26 20:19

This answer quotes the full Python code from ChatGPT
to convert a broken image into a mask image, Be careful to replace damaged_image.jpg with your actual image file name:

from PIL import Image, ImageOps

# 打开破损图像
img = Image.open('damaged_image.jpg')

# 修复图像
fixed_img = ImageOps.expand(img, border=50, fill='black')

# 转换为mask图像
mask = fixed_img.convert('L').point(lambda x: 255 if x > 128 else 0, mode='1')

# 保存mask图像

Executing the above code generates a file called mask_image.jpg, which is the mask image of the broken image.

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2023-02-26 20:19

This answer partially references GPT, GPT_Pro to better solve the problem
Use PIL library to convert a damage map to a mask map, which can be done by:

1. First, import the PIL library and open the Image to be processed using the pil.image.open() method.

2. Then, convert the image to grayscale using the PIL.Image.convert() method.

3. Then, the PIL.Image.threshold() method was used to binarize the gray image and obtain the mask graph.

4. Finally, save the mask diagram to the specified folder using the PIL.Image.save() method.

These are the steps for converting a damage diagram to a mask diagram using the PIL library. Although this method can get us the mask diagram we want, it is recommended to combine the OpenCV library with the PIL library to get a higher quality mask diagram.
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2023-02-26 20:19

the reference answer GPT ᴼ ᴾ ᴱ ᴺ ᴬ ᴵ < br / > from a damaged Image generated in the mask Image, you can use the Pillow library(PIL) in the Image module. Here are some steps to help you do this:

1. Import Pillow library:

from PIL import Image

2. Open the original image and convert it to grayscale:

image = Image.open("path/to/image.jpg").convert("L")

3. Binary processing of gray image:

threshold = 100 # 阈值,根据需要进行调整
mask = image.point(lambda x: x < threshold and 255)

Here, the point method is used to set the pixels whose pixel value is less than the threshold as 255 and the remaining pixels as 0, thus converting the image into a black and white mask image.

4. Save mask image:


Here saves the mask image to the specified file path.

Hopefully, these steps will help you generate mask images from damaged images. Note that different processing steps may be required for different damaged images to obtain the best mask image.

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