Is the transmitting pulse of PD radar a linear frequency modulation pulse?

feng1548 注册会员
2023-02-27 08:12
radar transmission pulse in addition to linear frequency modulation pulse, also can be sine sweep frequency pulse, rectangular pulse and butterfly pulse, etc. The sinusoidal sweep pulse is a linear change of signal repetition frequency with time, and the sinusoidal wave in each period is controlled by the modulating signal. Rectangular pulse is a kind of fast single frequency transmission signal whose frequency band width is larger than the signal bandwidth. Butterfly pulse is a signal formed after special processing, which is characterized by sharp breaks at both ends of the spectrum.
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cuxiaozhuge 注册会员
2023-02-27 08:12

In addition to the linear frequency modulation pulse, PD radar transmission pulse can also be:

Frequency jump pulse(FMCW pulse) : It changes the frequency of the transmitted signal, so as to achieve distance measurement and speed measurement. Compared with LFM pulses, FMCW pulses have a narrower bandwidth, but can achieve higher range measurement accuracy.

Rectangular pulse: A pulse of equal time width and amplitude that can be used for radar detection and ranging.

Narrowband pulse: A pulse with a very narrow bandwidth that can be used for target detection and tracking. Compared with LFM pulses, narrowband pulses have poor range resolution, but can achieve higher signal-to-noise ratio.