Why? pa0 port cannot output normally

dq6669 注册会员
2023-02-27 08:37

Refer to the official documentation of STM32 for the supported pin multiplexing features and function descriptions for your specific model to determine which pins and function modes are available.
In STM32 MCU, each GPIO pin has multiple functions and modes, such as input, output, reuse function, etc. The reuse function allows us to switch the function of one GPIO pin to another function mode, such as PWM output mode, by configuring registers. However, not all GPIO pins support all multiplexing modes.

PA0 is the 0th pin of the STM32's GPIOA port, which can be used as a normal input or push-pull output mode, or can be switched to other modes through the multiplexing function. However, the multiplexing function of PA0 pins has some limitations. Only some multiplexing functions are supported, such as analog input, TIM2_CH1, TIM5_CH1, etc., and some other functions, such as PWM output, are not supported.

Therefore, if you want to implement PWM output on the PA0 pin, you may need to configure other GPIO pins that support PWM output and connect them to the target pin of the PWM output via a connector.