Why can't GNS3 router switches create vlans?

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2023-02-27 10:05

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Creating a VLAN on GNS3 requires configuration in the virtual environment of the router switch, which means you need to use IOS commands in the router switch to create and configure the VLAN. Based on the information you provide, the error message "% Invalid input detected at '^' marker." means that IOS did not recognize the command you entered.

This is probably because the VLAN 10 commands do not apply to the router or switch model you chose in GNS3. Different routers and switches have different hardware and software features, so IOS commands may vary across device models. Also, some routers or switches may not support vlans at all. Therefore, I recommend that you consult the documentation for the router or switch model of your choice to determine which IOS commands it supports.

Also, make sure you are using the correct IOS command syntax. In IOS, the command for creating a VLAN is vlan. However, different router and switch models may require different command parameters and options. For example, on some models of routers and switches, you may need to use the "vlan database" command to create a VLAN.

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