Optimize the memory of openstack platform

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On OpenStack, you can take the following measures to optimize the memory:

1. Adjust the VM memory size: VMS in OpenStack consume the memory resources of dedicated servers. If the memory allocated to VMS is too large, the dedicated server memory will be insufficient, affecting the performance of the entire platform. You can adjust the VM memory size based on actual conditions to avoid waste and resource contention.

2. Enable memory compression: The KVM virtualization technology on OpenStack supports memory compression and compresses VM memory to reduce memory usage.

3. Disable memory sharing: In virtualization scenarios, multiple VMS sharing the same memory region may cause memory leaks and memory contention. Therefore, you are advised to disable memory sharing.

4. Enable transparent large page: Transparent large page is a technology provided by the Linux kernel to optimize memory management. It can combine multiple small pages into one large page to improve memory management efficiency. Enable transparent large pages on the OpenStack platform to improve VM performance and response speed.

5. Optimize VM network protocols: On the OpenStack platform, VM network communication is affected by virtualization technologies. To improve network performance, you can use technologies such as SR-IOV to optimize VM network protocols.

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