Is there any way to go straight to reactive

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2023-02-27 10:23

You need to set your own style, such as: 100% %... Set the outermost layer to a percentage, for example: style="width:100%;" Then use calc(100% - fixed px) to set the specific width

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2023-02-27 10:23

This answer quotes ChatGPT

Turning a non-responsive website directly into a responsive one can be difficult and requires some modifications. In general, you need to consider the following:

1. The foundation of responsive design is mobile first, so you need to rethink your page design and test it on mobile devices.

2. You need to create different stylesheets for different device sizes and resolutions. These stylesheets can be defined using media queries.

3. You need to use techniques such as Flexbox and Grid systems to create responsive designs. These techniques can help you adjust your layout for different device sizes and resolutions.

4. You may need to adjust the size and resolution of your images and multimedia elements to suit different devices.

In summary, turning a non-responsive website directly into a responsive one requires some modification and redesign. The best approach is to develop your website using responsive design so that you can provide a consistent experience across different devices. If you're not sure how to implement responsive design, you can use some popular front-end frameworks, such as Bootstrap or Foundation, that already integrate responsive design capabilities.

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2023-02-27 10:23

Change to uni-app.

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