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2023-02-27 11:25

The little girl referred to bing and GPT part of the content write :
Yes, you can write repeated fragments in a functional form, so that it can be easy to reuse program. Here is an example function:

def data_convert(data,columns,scaler):
    df = pd.DataFrame(data)
    df.columns = columns
    df['NML'] = df['N1'].apply(scaler)
    return df

This function takes three arguments: data(the data to process), columns(the column names to set), and scaler(the conversion function to use). The data is then converted into a DataFrame object in the function, the index is reset, column names are set, column N1 is processed using the scaler function, and the processed DataFrame object is returned.

When using this function, we can write:

dfE1 = data_convert(dataE1, ["N1", "E1"], scalerl)
dfE2 = data_convert(dataE2, ["N2", "E2"], scaler2)

This allows you to rewrite repeated snippets of code into a functional form, which greatly improves code readability and maintainability.
The answer is not easy, so take it.

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