wordpress background loading is too slow

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2023-02-27 12:06

Open the debugging interface to check which resources take a long time to load, and then do the corresponding optimization,wordpress server running cost is relatively large, you can change the configuration of some high bandwidth some server try

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2023-02-27 12:06

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If WordPress is particularly slow to load in the background, even with Google Fonts and avatars turned off, it may be due to other factors. Here are some possible causes of slow WordPress background loading:

1. Plugin conflicts: Some plugins in WordPress may not be compatible with other plugins or themes, resulting in slow background loading. Try disabling all plug-ins, then re-enable them one by one to find the ones that are causing the problem.

2. Cache problems: If the WordPress cache plugin is enabled, try clearing the cache and see if there is any improvement. In addition, if you use CDN or other caching services, background loading may be slow. Disable the CDN service temporarily and check whether it improves.

3. Database problems: WordPress databases can be slow to load in the background due to too much data, corrupt database tables, or other problems. Use WordPress plugins such as WP-Optimize or WP-DBManager for database optimization and repair.

4. Resource usage: If the server resources(such as CPU, memory, and disk space) used by the WordPress website are insufficient, the background load may be slow. Attempts to upgrade server resources or optimize server configurations.

5. WordPress version and theme problems: WordPress version or theme problems may also cause slow background loading. Try updating WordPress to the latest version or changing the theme.

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2023-02-27 12:06

There are many reasons why WordPress background loads slowly, besides the Google fonts and avatars that you have turned off. There are other aspects to consider.

First, you can check your WordPress website for unnecessary plug-ins or templates. If so, consider removing them to reduce the amount of redundant code needed to speed up the load in the WordPress background.

In addition, you can also consider optimizing the database to reduce unnecessary data and avoid bloating the database tables, which will also help speed up the loading of the WordPress background.

In addition, you can use the CDN service to cache static files, which helps reduce the number of requests for site resources, thus increasing the load speed of WordPress background.

In addition, you can use PHP OPcache to optimize your PHP code, which can help reduce PHP code execution time and thus speed up WordPress background loading.

Finally, consider using third-party tools to monitor and optimize the performance of your WordPress site, such as Pingdom or Google PageSpeed Insights, which can also help you optimize the loading speed of your WordPress background.
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