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2023-02-27 12:13

Write the data according to bing and GPT :
H3C-S5560S-28P-SI Layer 3 switch implements dual-route mode policy-based route write back, The corresponding commands need to be configured on the switch.

First, you need to group interfaces on the switch into internal and external networks. For example,

interface Ethernet 0/0/1 to 0/0/24
port group-type trunk
port trunk permit vlan 1 to 10

Then, configure the routing protocol and set the priority, for example:

ip route-static priority 1  //内网优先
ip route-static priority 2  //外网优先

Finally, configure route write back:

ip route-static priority 3  //外网优先回写

This is the procedure for implementing the write back of the policy route in dual routing mode on the Layer 3 H3C-S5560S-28P-SI switch.
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