在as中出现错误.向量(x, mode): 不能将类型“闭包”强制转换为类型“any”的向量

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2023-02-27 12:40

The girl referred to bing and GPT part of the content :
This error is caused by a syntax error in your code. When you defined the model, you wrote "fx=T" instead of "fx=T+" with an extra plus sign, so you reported this error. You should get rid of the plus sign and run the code again to fix the problem.

The correct code is:

model<-k-gam(death.totalvs(pm251ag861,k=4,fx=T)+ns(df=3)+ns(rhum,df=3)+ns(timedf=28) +ns(pmeanvdf-3)+as.factor(dou),data=fxdeathvfamily-quasipoisso)

The answer is not easy, so take it.

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2023-02-27 12:40

I may be the one for you, solve the problem, please pay attention to me(^_^)

According to the code, you are using the gam() function to build a generalized additive model where the response variable is death.total. According to the error message, there may be a parameter passing error related to the specified ns ns() and s().

One possible error is that you might forget to prefix some parameters with their parameter names. For example, if you wanted to specify the parameter names for s() as pm25lag01 and k, you would write s(pm25lag01, k = 4, fx = T). Make sure you specify the correct parameter names and values in each function.

Another possible problem is that you may not have loaded the required packages correctly. Ensure that you have loaded all required packages, such as mgcv packages, which are required for generalized additive model fitting.

Finally, you can try running different parts of the code step by step to determine which function call is causing the error. This can be done by running each function call separately and checking the results. This way, you can find the line of code that caused the error and make the necessary corrections.

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