jetson nano does not recognize sd cards

dugu78 注册会员
2023-02-27 13:05

Little girl referred to bing and GPT part of the content write :
After reinstalling jetson nano environment, nano board can not read sd card, This may be because the sd card is not formatted properly. Try formatting the SD Card using the SD Memory Card Formatter tool and inserting it into the jetson nano board again to test. If you still don't recognize the sd card, try formatting it on Linux using the fdisk command:

  1. Run the fdisk -l command to view the device name of the sd card. The command output may be /dev/sda or /dev/sdb.
  2. Run the fdisk /dev/sda command to go to the partition operation page.
  3. On the partition operation screen, run the d command to delete the previous partition.
  4. Enter the n command to create a new partition, and enter the partition size, start position, end position, and so on as prompted;
  5. Enter the w command to save the changes and exit.

This will finish formatting the sd card, then insert the sd card into the jetson nano board again, and it should be recognized normally.
The answer is not easy, so take it.