Recently I have been learning dsp hardware and code. Could you please tell me how to implement the following simulink simulation using epwm module to send waves in dsp

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2023-02-27 14:05

Referring to GPT and my own ideas, the following steps are needed to realize the control of T-type three-level inverter by using ePWM module in DSP:

Configuring the ePWM module: To use the ePWM module on DSP, you need to configure the parameters of the ePWM module, including clock frequency division, count mode, count period, and so on. These parameters must be set based on the hardware platform and application scenario.

Generating PWM signal: The configured ePWM module is used to generate PWM signal, which needs to be realized by writing relevant code. The implementation includes using interrupt mechanism to update the value of ePWM counter, configuring PWM period and duty cycle, etc.

Control T-type three-level inverter: After generating PWM signal, PWM signal needs to be applied to the control circuit of T-type three-level inverter. This includes controlling the switching state of the 12 switching tubes according to the PWM signal, controlling the output voltage of the inverter, and so on. This part of the implementation needs to be based on the specific circuit structure and control strategy to write code.

Here is some sample code that demonstrates how to use the ePWM module to wave control the switching tube of a T-type three-level inverter in the DSP. Here, it is assumed that the ePWM module on DSP has been configured, and a PWM signal with a period of 200us and a duty ratio of 50% needs to be generated to control the switching tube of T-type three-level inverter.

// 配置ePWM模块
EPwm_Config epwmCfg;
epwmCfg.frequency = 5e3; // 设置PWM频率为5kHz
epwmCfg.mode = EPwm_Mode_Up; // 设置计数模式为向上计数
epwmCfg.period = 4000; // 设置计数周期为4000(PWM周期为200us)
epwmCfg.duty = 2000; // 设置占空比为50%
EPwm_init(&epwmCfg); // 初始化ePWM模块

// 生成PWM信号
EPwm_start(); // 启动ePWM模块
while (1) {
    // 在这里可以使用中断机制来更新ePWM计数器的值
    // 或者直接在循环中更新计数器的值
    // ...

// 控制T型三电平逆变器
// 在这里需要根据PWM信号的输出来控制T型三电平逆变器的开关管
// 控制逆变器输出电压的方式也需要根据具体电路结构和控制策略来实现
// ...

It is important to note that the above code is only an example, and it needs to be modified according to the specific hardware platform and application scenario in actual application. At the same time, depending on the hardware platform, there may be some underlying configuration, such as GPIO configuration, ADC configuration, etc.