Why is it Unable to validate archive when uploading packaged files to banana cloud

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2023-02-27 14:17

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"Unable to validate archive" error is usually caused by a corrupted file being transferred or an incorrectly formatted file.

If you experience this error while transferring the packaged file to the banana cloud, it is recommended that you try the following method:

1. Check the integrity of the file: Ensure that the file is not truncated or corrupted. You can open the file locally and check that its contents are correct, or you can try to re-download or repackage the file.

2. Make sure the file format is correct: Before transferring the file to Banana Cloud, make sure the file format is correct. If you are using compressed files, be sure to use the correct compression format(such as.zip or.tar.gz, etc.).

3. Use a different transfer mode: If you use a file transfer service(such as FTP or SFTP), you can use another transfer mode(such as cloud storage service) to upload files.

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