How to learn information security technology well

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learn that you want to learn now, but may not be able to actually pursue this career path. You are advised to perform the following operations:
1. Learn network basics, routing and switching, and network security. If you can learn network-related concepts and techniques, you can basically go down a career path in information security technology, and network-related skills can be an important foundation for further study and advancement. Even if you only learn network related, obtaining the corresponding certificate, such as Huawei HCNP, can also help you find a good job.
2, definitely learn a language, python is recommended. It's a scripting language, but in practice, it can do a lot of things. But mastering python programming can also help you land a good job.
Basically network learning to a certain extent, you naturally know information security also need to learn those knowledge. You may not be able to use a lot of the knowledge that was given to you in the beginning or it was too difficult at first. It is suggested to learn the basics of network first, and test whether you have the interest and potential to continue to learn more and more in-depth knowledge of information security technology.
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Learning information security technology, in any case, is a time-consuming and laborious business. The first step should be to learn basic security theories and technologies, such as familiar with security principles, security learning, network security, Web security, mobile security, etc. In addition, learn a programming language, I personally recommend C++ or Python, because these two languages are widely used in the field of information security. Also, learn about related tools such as Kali Linux, Metasploit, Burp Suite and Nmap.

In addition, you can further your learning by reading books or watching videos, such as "Security Technology Anatomy", "web Security Offense and Defense", "Black Hat Linux Penetration Testing Techniques" and so on.

For starters, try taking some online or offline safety training courses that can help you quickly learn the basics and practical skills. At the same time, you can also take part in more CTF competitions in your spare time, which can help you apply the theories you have learned to the actual practice.
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