Pagoda files are always being tampered with. Ask for help

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2023-02-27 15:24

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1. 使用受信任的安全认证插件:使用受信任的安全插件可以有效防止恶意修改文件,可以帮助您安全地保护您的文件。

2. 设置密码保护:可以设置特定的用户名和密码来保护宝塔中的文件。

3. 配置文件系统权限:可以配置不同文件夹和文件的权限,以防止非法修改文件。

4. 监控文件的变化:可以使用监控系统来检测文件是否被篡改,一旦有异常情况及时发出警告。

5. 强制SSL:可以强制使用SSL,以保证文件的传输安全性和保密性。


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2023-02-27 15:24

Part of this answer references GPT, GPT_Pro to better solve the problem
First, if you find that the pagoda file has been changed, first determine why, It could be a bug in the pagoda itself or a bug in the server that needs to be checked. In addition, it may be an external intrusion. You need to find out what the cause is and take steps to solve the problem.

Secondly, Pagoda official provides anti-calculation modification service, but the price is relatively expensive, if you want a more economical method, you can use yourself to achieve. Specifically, you can wrap the index.html file in php code and then add characteristic strings to the code to prevent external intrusions.


if($_GET['key']!=$key){ //如果传过来的key不是我们设定好的那个key就不输出index.html

The code above wraps the index.html file in php code and adds a key to it. If someone wants to modify the index.html, they must pass the correct key to open the file. In this way, external intrusion can be effectively avoided.

In summary, if the pagoda file is constantly being modified, there are some measures that can be taken to solve the problem. You can choose the official services of the pagoda, or you can take a do-it-yourself approach to prevent outside intrusion.
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