robot framework hardware product test verification

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2023-02-27 15:33
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To solve the problem that the device often swallows and does not respond to commands, consider the following solutions:

1. Add a timeout mechanism: Add a timeout mechanism during the test. If the device does not respond within a specified period, the test is considered as a failure and logs are recorded. In this way, too long testing time can be avoided, unnecessary waiting time can be reduced, and test efficiency can be improved.

2. Optimize test cases: Optimize test cases according to the actual conditions of the equipment to avoid some unnecessary test operations and repeated operations. It can reduce the testing time and equipment burden, improve the testing efficiency and reliability.

3. Add log and alarm mechanism: Add log and alarm mechanism in the test process, which can record the status of the equipment in real time, discover and deal with problems in time.

4. Maintain the equipment regularly: maintain the equipment regularly, clean up the garbage inside the equipment, upgrade the firmware and drivers of the equipment, and improve the stability and response speed of the equipment.