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2023-02-27 16:28

Modulation based on Monster group and GPT:
This error was caused by an incorrect auth tag used during decryption. It is possible that the ciphertext is tampered with or the associated data is incorrectly filled, so the authentication label cannot be verified correctly. Here are some possible solutions:

ensures that the ciphertext, the associated data, the nonce, and the APIv3 private key are all correct. Any parameter error may cause decryption failure.

ensures that the incoming ciphertext has not been tampered with. You can try to print out the calculations and parameters passed in during decryption to rule out the possibility that the ciphertext has been tampered with.

ensures that the APIv3 private key passed in is correct and contains the correct key information.

If you are unable to determine the root cause of the problem, please refer to the official wechat Pay documentation or contact wechat Pay technical support for more help.

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