What makes a good operation

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2023-02-27 16:44

the reference answer GPT ᴼ ᴾ ᴱ ᴺ ᴬ ᴵ < br / > as a good operations engineer, need to master the following skills:

  1. Proficient in Linux/Unix operating system and command line tools, familiar with system configuration and management, with troubleshooting and repair capabilities.

  2. Familiar with network principles and network devices, familiar with routing, switching, load balancing, VPN, firewall and other network technologies, capable of network planning and optimization, have the ability to analyze and solve network faults.

  3. Familiar with installation, configuration, backup, and recovery of common database systems, and be able to optimize database performance and troubleshoot faults.

  4. Familiar with common cloud platforms and container technologies, such as AWS, Docker, etc., capable of deploying, maintaining and monitoring cloud computing and containerized applications.

  5. Have certain programming ability, proficient in at least one scripting language, such as Shell, Python, can write automatic scripts, batch scripts, etc., improve work efficiency.

  6. Familiar with monitoring tools, such as Zabbix, Nagios, etc., able to establish and maintain monitoring system, system performance monitoring and fault warning.

  7. Good teamwork skills, good communication skills and problem solving skills, able to play a collaborative and leading role in the team to ensure the stable operation of the business.

The future development direction of operation and maintenance is to automation, intelligence, cloud, container development direction. Automated operation and maintenance will become the trend of the future, through automation technology can improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance, reduce the cost of operation and maintenance. Intelligent operation and maintenance will become a new development direction. Through machine learning, artificial intelligence and other technologies, intelligent and automatic operation and maintenance process can be realized to improve the quality and efficiency of operation and maintenance. Cloud and containerization are hot technologies at present and will become important development directions in the future.

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2023-02-27 16:44

Basic skills and a positive work attitude.

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2023-02-27 16:44

Part of this answer quotes GPT, GPT_Pro better problem solving
To be a good operation, you must first master the basic skills. For network operation and maintenance, understand Linux operating system, the use of Shell and Python scripts, as well as TCP/IP protocol, DNS, HTTP and other network basic knowledge; The implementation of operation and maintenance requires mastering the relevant technologies of server deployment, including database installation, configuration, backup and operation and maintenance. Database operation and maintenance needs to master the principles and optimization methods of MySQL, Oracle and other databases; Machine room operation and maintenance should know the wiring of machine room, cabinet, UPS power system, installation of server accessories and machine room security; Monitoring operation and maintenance need to be familiar with Zabbix, Nagios, Kafka and other monitoring tools; Desktop operation and maintenance requires strong Windows client installation, configuration and optimization capabilities.

In addition, a good operation and maintenance engineer should pay attention to the ability to analyze and solve problems, which requires strong logical thinking ability and learning ability. At the same time, in dealing with the work, to have good writing ability and teamwork ability.

With the development and changes of the IT industry, operation and maintenance work is also changing constantly. Future operations and maintenance work will no longer be a single general work, but tend to big data analysis, cloud computing platforms, the Internet of things and artificial intelligence direction. Therefore, future operation and maintenance work will pay more attention to the application of emerging technologies and performance optimization, rather than just regular inspection and handling of a single problem.
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